Studying Employer-Based Commuting Trends

Studying Employer-Based Commuting Trends

ACT’s Employer Council has partnered with Best Workplaces for Commuters to develop and launch a 2018 survey on employer-based commute programs.

The transportation demand management (TDM) survey addresses elements such as:

  • Employer motivations for commuter programs
  • Commuter program structure
  • Services in place – carpool, vanpool, transit, shuttles, bicycle, telework, etc.
  • Parking management
  • Emergency Ride Home program
  • Relative benefits realized
  • Financial incentives by mode
  • Response to changes to qualified transportation fringe benefits
  • Current marketing strategies
  • Performance metrics
  • Outlook for scenarios that may impact their programs

To participate and benchmark your employee commute options, respond here by August 10.

For details on the survey hosts, visit ACT and BWC.