Chicago Shuttle Solutions for a Better Commute

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Ride With Us in Chicago

Organizations in the greater Chicago region are partnering with WeDriveU to offer commuter-friendly alternatives to driving alone. With shuttle solutions for companies, universities and hospitals, it’s never been easier to create employee and student transportation programs that make the journey more productive and relaxing.

  • Improve access to public transit
  • Connect buildings at one or more sites
  • Offer instant rides on-demand
  • Ease long-distance commutes


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Now Serving Local Workplaces & Campuses

What do Best Workplaces for Commuters such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Stanford Research Park have in common? They team with WeDriveU to free-up parking demand, reduce traffic congestion and make it a breeze to get around their facilities. Improving mobility is simple with the right transportation partner.

Attract & retain talent with WeDriiveU commuter shuttles in New York

Attract and retain talent with commuter benefits that improve work/life balance

Reduce parking demand with WeDriiveU commuter shuttles in New York

Ease parking demand, reduce costs and ensure compliance with regional trip cap policies

Improve employee productivity with WeDriiveU commuter shuttles in New York

Offer commuters a wifi-enabled mobile office to stay connected with work and family

Promote sustainable transportation options with WeDriiveU commuter shuttles in New York

Reduce single occupancy vehicles (SOVs), emissions and traffic with sustainable transportation options

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