Client Case Studies

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WeDriveU operates shuttles for Clackamas Community College Portland Oregon | University Shuttles

CCC Xpress Shuttle Rolling at Oregon Campus

WeDriveU teamed with one of the largest community colleges in Oregon to reduce parking demand and promote sustainable commuting.

SRPGO Keeps University Research Park Moving

Designated among the nation’s Best Workplaces for Commuters, SRPGO demonstrates the best in mobility best practices at a 700-acre campus in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“Green to Work” Program Reduces Parking Demand

Read how Nvidia’s network of WeDriveU last mile and intercampus shuttles improve access to public transit stops and enhance employee mobility to and from new buildings.

WeDriveU Meeting & Event Services

Tech Leader Celebrates Milestone Events with WeDriveU

WeDriveU creates a flawless event transportation experience for semiconductor leader’s employees and guests.

Shuttles Link Two College Campuses

WeDriveU helped this college’s Department of Public Safety improve safety and convenience for students, faculty and the community with last mile shuttles to transit stops and intra-campus shuttles to a nearby university.

Campus Shuttles and On-Demand Rides for 100,000 Passengers

WeDriveU operates shuttles and on-demand services to, from and around this 200-acre campus. With 100,000+ annual passengers, their sustainable transportation program is equivalent to a transit system for a large U.S. city.

athenaCommutes Award-Winning Employer Shuttle System

WeDriveU fulfills athenahealth’s vision for “an open, permeable, and exciting campus” with shuttles serving 300,000+ passengers.

Nationwide Data Collection

WeDriveU enables technicians from this telecommunications and semiconductor company to operate signal testing equipment in markets across the U.S.

Employer Eases Work Commute With WeDriveU Shuttles

This Bay Area employer is tackling parking challenges and traffic congestion by teaming with WeDriveU to ease the work commute for thousands of employees.

Multi-Modal Campus Transportation Near Boston

WeDriveU helped this client fulfill its vision for “an open, permeable, and exciting campus for the community” with last mile shuttles to MBTA stops, intercampus shuttles, and on-demand services for 300,000+ passengers.

SendGrid Transforms Commute in Denver

SendGrid was named the 2017 “Way to Go” Employer Champion for its employee shuttle program powered by WeDriveU.

Meeting Transportation Management in Canada

Deloitte Canada selected WeDriveU to manage transportation for 900 attendees in motor coaches, minibuses and VIP sedans.

End-to-End Transportation Solution at Conventions

Large group movements at conventions requires a transportation partner that knows logistics. Read how WeDriveU made it easier for a global media client with bus and on-demand services.

Automotive Event Transportation Management

Read how WeDriveU collaborates with leading auto manufacturers and marketing agencies to engage consumers at premier lifestyle events.

Commuter Program for Global Electronics Leader

WeDriveU designed this client’s employee commute system and now manages motor coaches and smaller shuttles that transport employees throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Press Launch for Luxury Automaker

With the California coastline and hills as the backdrop, this launch event was amazing. 50 WeDriveU drivers and ambassadors served 150+ VIPs over 3 weeks.

Mapping and Imagery Collection

WeDriveU enables the client’s technicians to gather precise, high-quality data and imagery to advance innovations in consumer tech, automotive and other segments.

Press Trial Drive

When Mercedes-Benz USA needed a transportation management partner to launch its new crossover, they called WeDriveU for a nine-day press event across three U.S. states.

Residential Bus Service for Global Tech Leader

This Silicon Valley tech giant’s employees zip to and from work on 105 wifi-powered buses managed by WeDriveU.

Executive Transportation

When this internet company needed drivers in zero-emission vehicles, they called WeDriveU. We provide on-demand service for executives and an emergency ride home for employees.

Campus Shuttles Link Two West Coast Colleges

WeDriveU helped this college’s Department of Public Safety improve safety and convenience for students, faculty and the community with last mile shuttles to transit stops and intra-campus shuttles to a nearby university.

Transforming Experiential Marketing

Automakers and agencies are engaging consumers in new ways with WeDriveU. Read about “The Acura Experience” at 17 W Hotel properties in 14 cities.