Columbia University TDM Tour Highlights

Columbia University TDM Tour Highlights

Columbia University TDM Tour

WeDriveU applauds Columbia’s commitment to TDM and the environment.

WeDriveU Customer Success manager and Columbia alumnus, David Zyck, was back on his home turf learning about Columbia University’s latest transportation initiatives following the 2019 Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) International Conference.

According to ACT’s website, “through large investment in local housing, access to transit, as well as the recent uptick in new TDM programs, Columbia has achieved improved mode shift results year-over-year and now has an SOV rate of 2% students and 14% employees.”

Columbia University TDM Tour group photo

WeDriveU’s David Zyck on the TDM Tour at Columbia University

University TDM Tour

David and other ACT members toured the university’s shuttle network, a system that transports more than 1,400 daily riders between three New York campuses. David learned Columbia unveiled six New Flyer electric vehicles this summer to support the university’s sustainability plan. The new vehicles replace diesel-powered units, which will reduce GHG emissions by 70%.

Columbia University TDM Tour

Many thanks to tour host Daniel Allalemdjian, TDM Director for Columbia University, Environmental Stewardship. Via email after the tour, Dan shared this link to interesting mode split facts for Columbia University staff and students, underscoring its decrease in drive-alone rates.

Kudos to Columbia University for achieving ambitious TDM and environmental goals.

Images courtesy Daniel Allalemdjian, Columbia University