Corporate Shuttle Solutions

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Corporate Shuttle Solutions

Achieve your employee transportation vision with a strategic partner that brings together:


A new era in corporate mobility

We keep your employees moving in regions across the U.S.

Last Mile Shuttles

Link your offices to public transit

Let your employees tailor their commute options.

  • Connect train, subway, bus and ferry hubs
  • Participate in regional commuter programs
  • Qualify for commuter subsidies and incentives


Intercampus Shuttles

Connect your facilities

Offer employees a campus-wide transit system.

  • Link distributed buildings and parking
  • Improve access to local businesses and services
  • On-demand and fixed routes in all size vehicles


Residential Bus Service

Boost productivity and convenience on long commutes

The best alternative to driving alone.

  • Attract talent from a wider geography
  • Offer a WiFi-powered mobile office
  • Reinvest savings from capital building projects
  • Create substantial ROI – see your company’s impact


Dedicated On-Demand Service

Drivers and vehicles anytime employees need a ride

We make it easy to get around your workplace.

  • Flexible fleet options, including EVs
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • A ride the instant you need one


Meeting & Event Services

End-to-end managed event solutions*

The most efficient way to move your attendees.

  • Premium services: flight tracking, concierge, branding
  • Onsite management by transportation professionals
  • Extends the value of your shuttle program

*Available to current clients in conjunction with their daily shuttle programs operated by WeDriveU.

Case studies

You’re always in the know

Real-time visibility for you and your passengers

  • Real-time schedule updates
  • Route maps and stop locations
  • Multi-modal trip planning
  • Mobile status alerts
  • Ridership tracking
  • Fare collection


Actionable insights

Analytics to validate and expand your shuttle program

  • On-time performance
  • Cost per rider
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Route utilization


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