Data Collection Services

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Data Collection Services

Large-scale data and image collection programs:

  • Logistics support and infrastructure to ramp-up quickly
  • Experienced managers and drivers
  • Operation of vehicles and technical equipment
  • Robust metrics and reporting
  • Risk mitigation


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Accelerate Time to Market

From connected vehicles to mobile apps, we help tech innovators improve location and communication services

Mapping Operations

Gather images and data for navigation, traffic and dispatching applications
  • Free-up internal resources by outsourcing to WeDriveU equipment operators
  • Manager oversees drivers, schedules and logistics
  • Trained in GPS, LiDAR, cameras, onboard computers and data units


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Signal Testing

Optimize connectivity and performance for voice and data services
  • Professional drivers offer reliable and safe platform for engineers to operate equipment
  • Experience executing route plans from one to six months
  • Local knowledge in urban areas and remote terrain


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Proven experience in large-scale data collection

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