Leadership Team Business Development Marketing Operations

Leadership Team Business Development Marketing Operations2019-01-28T20:19:05+00:00

Business Development & Customer Success

Joanna Rustin
Vice President, Marketing

Chris Jones
Vice President, Business Development

Kevin Mathy
Managing Director, Customer Success

Gillian Zoss
Director, Business Development

Stephanie Steckis
Director, Business Development

David Zyck
Manager, Customer Success

Operations & Administration

Alex Heliotis
Vice President, Operations

Kyle Carson
Vice President, Fleet Management

Garin Fainstein
Vice President &

Mike Masto
Director of Operations

Vahid Farahani
Director of Operations

Chadwick Atkinson
Director of Operations

Audrey Gustafson
Director of Operations

Nick Sams
Director of Operations

Shawn Kelly
Regional Program Manager

Philip Zavala
Manager, Operations Control

Elise Govek
Manager, Human Resources

Ronald Osorio
Information Technology

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