Report: Returning to Worksites During COVID-19

Report: Returning to Worksites During COVID-19

Planning employee transportation during COVID-19? ACT’s report offers tips for shuttles, vanpool and other commuter options.

The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) has released recommendations to help organizations bring commuters back to workplaces and campuses safely and efficiently. For details on shuttles, vanpool, carpool and other options for employee transportation, download ACT’s new report: “Supporting Commuters Returning to Worksites During COVID-19.”

You’ll find helpful advice for anyone involved in planning mobility aspects of reopening. The shuttle section includes:

  • Tips for employers: policy and education, distancing, safety and advanced booking
  • Tips for commuters: personal protective equipment (PPE), reporting issues, trip planning and touchless commuter technologies.

WeDriveU’s COVID protocols for employer shuttles encompass all of ACT’s recommendations…and more. Give us a shout to learn about our solutions and COVID measures in action on client shuttles.

ACT Report cover Supporting Commuters Returning to Work

In terms of best practices, ACT recommends prioritizing transportation demand management (TDM) goals while balancing concerns for personal health and welfare.

“Many workers will need to return to their worksite, and there is a real possibility that personal health concerns could motivate commuters to drive alone, causing crippling congestion and wreaking havoc on air quality.” – ACT website

During ACT’s recent webinar on “Safe Shuttle Operations,” WeDriveU, Northwestern University, 128 Business Council and ABC Companies shared COVID measures and ideas to avoid reversing decades of progress on sustainable commuting (watch replay).

In contrast with ACT’s resources, the CDC issued guidance in late May encouraging employers to incentivize driving to work alone, later updating its guidance (6/2/20) and removing the language, based on opposition from transportation industry groups and transit agencies.

This is a clear opportunity for TDM professionals to double-down on practical solutions, something WeDriveU’s Tim Wayland pointed out in the ACT webinar. Tim recommended the ACT community continue to focus on its goal of removing SOVs from roadways, and work together to return confidence with safe, feasible, sustainable commute options.

Next steps

Download ACT’s report – full of useful tips for human resources, business operations, workplace services, facilities management and commercial real estate professionals.

Like help planning transportation for your commuters? Reach out here. We’re glad to assist.



Special thanks! We join ACT in thanking members and committees for lending insights on this great resource.