Campus Shuttles and On-Demand Rides for 100,000 Passengers

Campus Shuttles and On-Demand Rides for 100,000 Passengers2020-04-08T21:29:01+00:00

Project Description

This client selected WeDriveU as its shuttle operator in 2015 to fulfill its vision for a multi-modal commuter-friendly campus. Serving more than 100,000 annual passengers, the transportation program supports a thriving campus community by linking people to buildings, retail, restaurants, housing and entertainment.


  • Link off-campus public transit stops to ease traffic congestion, relieve limited parking and avoid regionally-imposed trip caps
  • Double-digit growth in riders from campus and the community
  • Support the client’s sustainability and accessibility commitments by featuring electric, fuel-efficient, ADA-compliant fleet
  • Adapt routes and schedules around major ongoing construction projects


This client’s transportation program supports the master plan introduced for its campus in 2011 and growth beyond 2021. With the purchase of a large, adjacent research and development property, significant expansion is underway to develop a community-centric, mixed-use campus combining services, housing, transit solutions and other space.

The program serves a diverse rider population, including those attending events on campus, such as conferences, campus fairs and farmer’s markets.

WeDriveU operations encompass:

  • Last Mile, intercampus, parking and event shuttles
  • Long distance express routes
  • On-demand rides with kiosks across the campus to request rides
  • Mobile trip planning with shuttle schedules and alerts
  • Operational analysis of ridership, utilization, route miles, cost per rider, etc.

In developing its vision, the client’s Facilities and Real Estate team posted on the importance of connectedness with the city and community.

WeDriveU’s operations team supports the client’s engagement with community organizations, local government officials and businesses by providing transportation system data and passenger feedback.


Here’s a look at the impact in the few short years since WeDriveU launched with this client:

  • 100,000 annual passengers served with double-digit annual growth in campus and community transfers
  • 650,000+ vehicle miles driven annually
  • Expansion from six vehicles in 2015 to more than 100 vehicles and drivers in 2017
  • Innovative fleet ranging from motor coaches to transit vans and sedans, including BYD electric coaches