Commuter Program for Global Electronics Leader

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Project Description

Commuter, Intercampus and Last Mile Shuttle System

Project Description

  • Buses and drivers on scheduled daily routes
  • Employee residency density analysis to develop routes, stops and schedules
  • Mobile schedules and arrival predictions enhance the passenger experience


This consumer electronics leader needed to develop a comprehensive transportation program to support its strategies for sustainability, employee recruitment and retention. The company’s goals included reducing single occupancy vehicles, mitigating traffic and parking congestion around its Silicon Valley campuses, and offering a mobile office for employees commuting to work each day. The shuttle program needed to be easy to scale and manage during a period of rapid growth that included relocating to a new company headquarters with space for up to 2,500 workers.


This client engaged WeDriveU to design and manage all aspects of its company-sponsored Corporate Shuttles. The client selected WeDriveU based on its extensive bus fleet, expertise in successful commute alternative programs, experienced onsite managers and strong shuttle client referrals.

  • Providing mixed fleet of buses and professional drivers
  • Commuter shuttle transports employees traveling up to 100 miles from home to work
  • Intercampus shuttle connects headquarters and satellite campus
  • Last Mile shuttle connects employees who commute using public transit
  • On-site transportation command center
  • Reporting on key metrics

WeDriveU transports the client’s employees across the North Bay, South Bay and East Bay regions in wifi-powered motorcoaches, and smaller shuttles connect two campus locations with Light Rail and Caltrain stations. Riders use WeDriveU’s mobile application (right) to view schedules and estimated arrival times.

To develop routes, schedules and park and ride stops, WeDriveU’s transportation analysts built employee residency density maps (similar to left) using the client’s data. Based on further analysis of passenger profiles, rider forecasts and local traffic patterns, WeDriveU launched an initial fleet of 57 passenger Vanhool C2045 commuter coaches and 17 passenger cut-away vehicles outfitted with GPS, WiFi and bike racks.

WeDriveU’s onsite transportation team leads operations, planning and quality assurance, with a Project Manager overseeing schedules, dispatching, fleet management, passenger service, personnel and DOT compliance. The team tracks performance metrics such as passenger counts, mileage, fuel consumption, route studies, expenditures, on-time ratings and rider satisfaction.

Community Relations plays an important role in commute alternative programs of this scale. WeDriveU serves as a liaison to local transportation agencies, helping the client monitor evolving regulations and stay informed on community engagement.


  • Within nine months of launching the client’s program, WeDriveU doubled the number of vehicles in service and redesigned routes and schedules based on its headquarters relocation.
  • Strong ridership and on-time performance metrics demonstrate the value of this transportation system in attracting and retaining the most “inventive” and “customer-obsessed” talent.
  • WeDriveU continues to evolve the program to support the client’s rapid business growth.