Nationwide Data Collection

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Project Description

Cellular leader boosts efficiency and mitigates risk with professional drivers from WeDriveU

WeDriveU helps client measure the quality and uptime of its mobile communications network.

  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces risk with certified, insured professional drivers
  • Leverages cellular company’s strong relationship with Avis


This cellular company flies engineers to markets across North America to manage test procedures and gather data transmitted by cell sites. When the program began, the company sourced drivers from a temporary staffing agency. A rise in incidents with temporary drivers led the company to take a new approach by outsourcing to WeDriveU’s Data Collection Services team.


In 2008, the client began outsourcing to WeDriveU. The program has grown to more than tens of thousands of service hours. WeDriveU manages staffing, training and vehicle management, including 15 drivers operating each week in markets across the U.S. and Canada. Professional drivers from WeDriveU drive vehicles on routes generated by the field technicians, allowing the client’s engineers to focus on operating equipment, performing tests, and gathering and transmitting data. WeDriveU’s dedicated account team handles reservations, dispatching and real-time performance analysis.

  • Program management, strategy, driver staffing, call center operations, vehicle management and logistics
  • 15 drivers per week
  • Dedicated account support
  • Drivers follow route plans generated by field technicians on assignments ranging from 1 to 6 months


This program demonstrates WeDriveU’s proven expertise scaling complex, high-volume transportation. WeDriveU enables this client to boost productivity and efficiency by allowing engineers to focus on their job, which in turn improves service and quality for their customers. Moreover, the client has dramatically reduced risk by using certified and fully insured drivers who are employed by WeDriveU (no subcontractors). The client frequently praises WeDriveU’s drivers for their professionalism and local knowledge, and is pleased with the comfortable, spacious rental vehicles.

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