“Green to Work” Program Reduces Parking Demand

“Green to Work” Program Reduces Parking Demand2019-04-25T18:59:30+00:00

Project Description

Nvidia offers a network of employee shuttles across Silicon Valley. Their sustainable commuting success story was featured on a webinar presented by the Association for Commuter Transportation and WeDriveU.


  • Address limited parking at the client’s global headquarters
  • Improve mobility for the large volume of employees moving into new facilities on campus.


The client launched its alternative commute program after gathering input from Bay Area employers that were tackling similar commuting challenges for their employees. Speaking on ACT’s webinar, Director of Facilities Brant Carter said, “It’s been an exciting three years for my team and the company.” With new building projects popping up throughout the region, Carter also noted,

“The challenge is how do we reduce congestion, how do we reduce demand on parking, how do we incentivize people all over the nation to come to Silicon Valley to work and also live.”


The desire to become good corporate citizens and good partners to the community and the environment inspired the transportation program’s name, “Green to Work,” said Carter.

Nvidia selected WeDriveU as its strategic transportation partner in 2016. WeDriveU’s dedicated onsite program manager operates a network of shuttles that connect employees to facilities and transit and complement other commuting options:

  • WeDriveU last mile shuttles between Nvidia’s campus and Bay Area transit stops, including BART, CalTrain, AMTRAK and ACE Train.
  • Employees tap into public transit passes and other mobility options, such as ridesharingride matching and a bike program with racks, lockers and trail access.

Carter described how these transportation options support “an explosion in our build programs for our local campus,” noting the first building is complete and construction is underway on a 750,000 square foot follow-on building. The challenges he pointed out include permitting stipulations to not have the same number of parking spaces as employee occupancy, plus the expense of underground parking.

Click on the image to listen to ACT’s webinar replay on actweb.org.


The strategy highlighted by Carter – to get employees to existing infrastructure with first mile and last mile shuttles to public transit – is achieving impressive results, beginning with 250 fewer cars on campus each day (based on daily WeDriveU shuttle ridership).

“The challenge was clear, and also because of the rapid growth, we needed other facilities and plans on how we were going to fit employees into our campus and fill the gap between our buildings,” Carter said. “It’s incumbent on our ‘Green to Work’ programs to have creative alternative commuting programs to help reduce the demand on parking, get employees out of their cars, out of the parking lot, reduce congestion on roads.”

WeDriveU is proud to partner on ‘Green to Work’ and excited to see what the future holds.