Campus Shuttles Link Two West Coast Colleges

Campus Shuttles Link Two West Coast Colleges2019-01-15T18:14:55+00:00

Project Description

Nestled in the S.F. Bay Area foothills, this top-ranked private college is a nationally renowned, independent liberal arts college. WeDriveU teamed with the college’s Department of Public Safety to improve safety and convenience for students, faculty and the community.


  • Increase access between campus and public transit stops
  • Connect students, faculty and staff to buildings on a large, hilly campus
  • Reduce parking demand and traffic flow in neighborhoods
  • Link students to classes at a partner university


WeDriveU has operated the college’s shuttle program since 2006.

  • Shuttles run seven days a week between the college and a major partner university 11 miles away, enabling students to access classes at both campuses
  • Last mile shuttles connect public transit stops (BART stations), hospital and grocery store
  • Weekday evening shuttles provide safe transportation after hours
  • Friendly drivers assist passengers with special accessibility needs
  • Student and faculty ID cards verification and ticket collection from community passengers


millsrouteThe shuttle program is a popular feature of the college’s thriving, connected campus, meeting its objectives for convenient, reliable and safe transportation for everyone.

WeDriveU’s flexibility as an operator makes it easy for DPS to tailor shuttle schedules and routes to meet changing demands based on the academic calendar, from adding shuttles during peak periods to adjusting service hours during breaks with reduced demand. In particular, WeDriveU shuttles between the college and its partnering university are a big hit, dramatically expanding the available curriculum for students at both schools and creating a unique, virtual, car-free community.

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