TDM Case Studies – How to Reshape Mobility

TDM Case Studies – How to Reshape Mobility

Our WFH playlist of on-demand case studies for transportation professionals. While it’s unclear what the “new normal” will look like for commuters post COVID-19, many TDM professionals are using this time to rethink mobility for workplaces and campuses.

We hope these webcasts from our industry partners inspire your re-planning efforts.

Changing How America Commutes

Changing How America Commutes Best Workplaces for Commuters webcast

Learn how organizations are changing the commute for employees and students, and what earned their spot on the Best Workplaces for Commuters 2020 list. Speakers: Julie Bond, MPA, Best Workplaces for Commuters; Paul S. Merkey, MUP, Northwestern University; and Stephanie Jackson, MBA, Tampa General Hospital.


2020 Preview: Innovation in Private Transportation

2020 Preview - Innovation in Transportation webcast

Learn about strategies and technologies that make this an exciting time for commuters who ride, bike, scoot, stroll and telecommute to their workplaces and campuses instead of driving alone. Whether you’re leading mobility inside a large organization or championing behavior change in your community, this discussion will supercharge your 2020 transportation plans. Speakers: Danielle Glaser, Head of Bay Area Transportation, LinkedIn; and Bridger McGaw, Corporate Security Director, athenahealth.


3 Ps of Transportation

3Ps of Transportation Webcast

What’s a root cause underlying many workplace and campus challenges? Transportation. Learn how employers solve mobility hurdles with shuttles and other modes, and how they’re making a huge impact on their organization’s talent acquisition and growth. Speakers: Erick Van Wagenen, WeDriveU with WeDriveU customers Brant Carter, Nvidia; and Tamar Fuhrer, Kite Pharma.


Thinking about shuttles and other workplace and campus transportation options post-COVID-19? Let’s schedule a brainstorming session.