WeDriveU welcomes Stanford Research Park

WeDriveU welcomes Stanford Research Park

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new WeDriveU shuttle program for tenants at Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto, CA – home to over 150 companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. WeDriveU provides program strategy, technology, experienced management and Residential Bus Service.

Transportation is a premium amenity at this 700-acre R&D park. Stanford Research Park promotes commute alternatives (shuttles, transit, carpool, vanpool and biking) to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and increase commuter satisfaction.

This WeDriveU program highlights creative shared mobility models that enable managed properties to structure and fund shuttles (learn more in this post).

“The Stanford Research Park commuter bus operated by WeDriveU provides an attractive alternative to solo driving from San Francisco,” added Jamie Jarvis, Stanford Research Park Transportation Manager. “Stanford is pleased to partner with our tenant companies to offer effective and efficient commuter service.”



  • Live: August 8/1/2016
  • Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Fleet: VanHool CX-45
  • Type of shuttle: Residential Bus Service between San Francisco and the Stanford Research Park
  • Business goals: Expand value and convenience for tenants and share the cost of a comprehensive Commute Alternatives program
  • Why WeDriveU: The client selected WeDriveU based on offering robust, scalable and customizable solutions.
  • What’s innovative? A mobile and web app collects fees from riders and reimburses Stanford Research Park for the shuttle service. Employees pay electronically and can take advantage of pre-tax commuter incentives.
  • Tidbits: With 10 million square feet and 160 buildings, Stanford Research Park hosts the world’s top startups and Fortune 500 companies, including DuPont, HP, Lockheed Martin, Nest and Skype.

Learn more about Stanford Research Park at

Considering a new or expanded Commute Alternatives program for your facilities? Learn more or contact us to see how easy it is to bring a program like this to your employees or tenants.

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